G20 Leaders convene virtually to offer Real time action plans to combat COVID – 19

PM Modi suggests the empowerment of WHO to boost a speedy response to the global pandemic

On Thursday G20 leaders got together through videoconferencing to discuss the global pandemic which has taken a severe toll on health and life of mankind the world over.

PM Narendra Modi expressed his views to the G20 leaders gathering by registering his support for the achievement of global prosperity and vision through a human rather than an economic centric approach.

During his address PM Modi stressed upon the importance of taking concrete steps with a well cut out action plan. The latest Coronavirus statistics show 18,500 deaths with 4 lakh infected people.

PM Modi stressed on the importance of making the hands of WHO stronger so it may move ahead in developing vaccines to deal with such pandemics on a global scale. He harped on the need to develop more adaptive, swifter, and affordable health care systems which would benefit human beings all over the world. This view was seconded by all the G 20 leaders who saw the availability of diagnostic tools, availability of medical supplies, treatments, vaccines and medical supplies as extremely vital steps in boosting the existing state of  WHO.

He spoke about how the G20 as a power house could assist the poor nations and help them cope with economic hardships.  Prior to the videoconference, PM Modi had had a telephonic discussion with the Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia on this subject after which it was decided to convene an extraordinary session of the G20.

All the G20 leaders were unanimous in their view of a joint response towards fighting the pandemic keeping in mind the protection of the global economies, ensuring that trade was not disrupted, and taking adequate steps to enhance global cooperation.

An announcement of a USD 5 Trillion booster shot to the global economy was made during the meeting by the G20 Nations, as a mark of their joint commitment in combating this pandemic!


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