Coronavirus confirmed in North east while 19 states and UT/s register fresh cases

The dreaded Coronavirus made an imprint in North East India with 2 cases, 1 in Manipur and the other in Mizoram. On Wednesday 86 new infections were reported from 19 States and, Union Territories, which proved to be the highest recorded in a day after the 99 that were reported on Monday.  There were 2 elderly women one form Tamil Nadu and the other from Ahmedabad who succumbed to this disease. These fatalities took the National figure to 13.

The most recent report on the deadly virus claims that 645 cases from the country have been reported so far. Over the past five days there have been 60 – 100 cases that were reported. An official report from the Health Ministry has confirmed 56 recoveries, and 10 deaths. A 67 year old businessman from Surat has succumbed to the virus and it was disclosed that he did not have any travel history outside India.

Maharashtra registered 15 new cases and raced past Kerala in the COVID – 19 numbers to rank as the highest in the Coronavirus hit states.

The new cases reported have links with overseas trips. It includes a woman who had travelled to Saudi Arabia and 2 others who are residents of Sainik Farms; South Delhi had visited Brazil and London.

A 50 year old pastor who had returned for the Netherlands tested positive for COVID 19 and his became the first case in Mizoram.

A case in Manipur has been reported and subsequently tested and confirmed for Coronavirus. There were 10 new COVID-19 cases reported in Karnataka on Wednesday which was also registered as the highest total cases reported in a day.

The COVID 19 cases in Punjab at present are 31 and Rajasthan has reported 36 cases so far.

The Health Ministry has informed the citizens of India that till date there has been no case in Community transmission of COVID – 19 in India.

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