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Authentic news and live updates on Coronavirus in India now available in a click at – mohfw.gov.in

With no signs of the latest Coronavirus pandemic lessening and slowing down, the Indian Government has decided to shut down 75 districts who have been severely hit by this disease. This decision was taken after a series of high level meetings attended by senior officials from all states and the Prime Ministers’ Principal Secretary.

As a preventive measure to curb the spread of this deadly virus, a restriction has been imposed on non-essential vehicular movement and public gatherings in mostly all parts of India with several cities under curfew and lock down.

The website introduced by the government – mohfw.gov.in proves to be very handy by providing genuine information released by a verified source such as the Government of India for it’s the citizens and provides the following up to date details:

Number of passengers screened at the airport

Active COVID -2019 cases

Cured/ discharged cases

Deaths due to COVID – 19

Migrated COVID – 19 patients

State and district wise details are also being provided

There is a helpline toll free number on the site: 1075


There is a section for FAQ’s 

This site is constantly updated and has the latest update which include: A letter form the Cabinet Secretary to Chief Secretaries for the management and containment of COVID-19 dated 23.03.2020

An advisory on the use of Hydroxy-chloroquin as prophylaxis for SARS-CoV-2 infection dated 23.03.2020

Amongst many other relevant information which the citizens can access quickly.

The main menu of the site includes: travel advisories, pertinent information for citizens, for hospitals, for States/Departments/Ministries, for employees along with a section for general awareness material.

If you as a responsible citizen of India want to do away with fake information and get the correct information and live updates on Coronavirus in India you can now do it with a click – Just visit – mohfw.gov.in

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