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Tanveer Nandla – An Iconic Pakistani Entrepreneur and Founder of iSkills Discusses Selling Points of a Successful Venture

Tanveer Nandla – An Iconic Pakistani Entrepreneur and Founder of iSkills Discusses Selling Points of a Successful Venture

“Everything remains constant except change”. The saying goes on and about our normal life but there are only a few who understood and showed resilience towards time. It is indeed one of the hardest and brutal realities of life changes. We easily confess our hardships and move on to the remorse side of life. But some of us learn with time, people’s experiences, and shove their challenges on the sidetrack. They are born to focus on their dreams. Such are visionary people!

Among those people, we have M. Tanveer Nandla who moved ahead with time and made an empire of six-figures (amount) by running two famous ventures – iSkills and eJustice. Besides that, he is also an acclaimed, passionate Pakistani blogger who has earned the “Best Award for Blogging” by KPTI (Board of Peshawar) and the World Bank. How he achieved all that merely in a couple of years is a question to ask. 

Who is Nandla? According to many Pakistanis, he is an iconic figure who has transformed lives. Not in tens but hundreds of lives. Nandla is a man of words who believed in dreams and reached the success point. Naturally, there were many challenges on the way to success but he did not get scared of any. He sailed smoothly without any fear of deep waters. The sea took many tides, lows and highs came, but he never gave up.

Tanveer Nandla – An Iconic Pakistani Entrepreneur

Despite the lack of resources and opportunities in the village, where he was born and received his primary and secondary schooling, nothing could change his intentions. He aimed high, wanted to fly, and that is what he is doing now. Nandla developed heart disease right after birth. Miraculously he survived and is living a healthy life too. Since he was born in a village and had only a few options for a degree, he chose pre-engineering. Later, he felt that it is not what he wants to achieve in life. Nandla wanted to live larger than life and for that, he had to straighten his vision, aim, and mission.

When it came to setting a vision, his first move was to quit engineering and opt for IT, computer sciences. He delved into the course of studies, did well, and understood that the future is all about digital marketing. Awareness of digital marketing and blogging however started way sooner than expected. He was still studying in 2006 when Orkut was introduced as a networking and social media platform. From there he learned about Google Adsense and started blogging. By 2010 he was already making six-figures on an average.

Challenges that came on his way were not just daunting and frustrating. They were very different from other sorts of issues. For example, when he thought of starting blogging, he failed. His sites didn’t work and it somewhat made him upset too. But he never let failure take a toll on his personality and he maintained his focus. Later, when he started other blogs and sites, they worked so well that it was more than a beautiful surprise. At the time when he learned all these skills around digital marketing and blogging, Nandla thought of helping others. It was mainly because the time he has seen and witnesses was brutal. He had an absence of internet, mentorship, and proper guidance. Even then he survived and made so well in the future that he initiated an online learning platform with the name iSkills.

Coining negativities and converting them into stepping stones towards success is an art. The art is not known to many but luckily Nandla had all those traits which paved his way towards success. The clean intention, pure heart, and passion made his destiny come closer. Today he is the owner of eJustice too which is a platform for giving counseling and law-related services at the doorstep. Coming back to the hurdles, he aimed to shame the challenges and make them the golden ticket to fame. How did he do that is pretty interesting.

He didn’t focus on the challenges at all. Nandla only knew how to combat them without getting affected or leaving an impact. For that, he found the solution to each and every obstacle. If he didn’t have a mentor or prior experience in hand, he never bothered about what is lacking in his life. Instead, he instilled the thought that he will learn through experimentation and self-learning. Once he did what he thought was right, he earned a life which he always dreamt. Recently, in 2019 he got the award too which shows passion and determination of being somewhere in the world.

Today Nandla inspires and motivates people of different ages, genders, and nationalities. If you are inspired by him and want to stay in touch, simply visit his profiles mentioned below.

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