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Cinema Halls operational at 100 percent capacity on a 4 week trial in Karnataka


Bangalore, February 4, 2021

Health and Medical Education Minister, K Sudhakar, met the chief office bearers of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and representatives from the film industry. He made an announcement subsequent to that meeting. The announcement stated the introduction on a trial basis, of a 4 week opening at 100 percent capacity of all cinema halls in the state.

In an announcement on Wednesday by the Karnataka Health and Medical Education Minister, K Sudhakar, the reopening of all cinema halls in the state on 100 percent capacity was announced. This decision was taken due to the troubles and financial constraints being incurred by the artists, workers, and producers of the film industry. It was clearly stated though, that this would be on a 4-week trial basis. It would be immediately withdrawn even if a single case of COVID- 19 infection was reported.

The decision to convene the meeting was at the instructions of the Chief Minister – B S Yediyurappa.

Earlier only 50 percent seating was allowed based on the recommendation of the technical advisory committee.

The Centre had given the go-ahead for a 100 percent seating, but had left the decision to each state government to assess the situation in the states and then take a decision maintaining the health and safety standards of all concerned in the state.

The film industry citing the difficult times for its artists, producers, and workers had requested the Chief Minister to consider a 100 percent capacity reopening instead of a 50 percent, and their request had been granted after the recently convened meeting.

Strict guidelines on the re-opening will be issued today with orders for strict compliance of the same.

This decision it was made clear would be revoked if any guidelines were flouted, or any COVID – 19 cases detected.

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