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You may have a better mental health if you are a meat eater – claims study

In a recent study, scientists for Alabama University conducted a study to compare the mental condition of vegetarians and non-vegetarians and found the latter to be better off.The researchers claim that the meat eaters don’t suffer from conditions like mental depression and even if they do  it is minimal as compared to vegetarians The study mentioned that those on a herb or plant based diet during the course of their lives are more likely to take prescription drugs for some ailment or the other pertaining to mental health.

A sample study revealed that 1 in 4 vegetarians was prone to mental problems and suffered from anxiety, self-harm or depression.This subject has however been a matter of heated debate since a long time. Dr Edward Archer who is an author and works for the University of Alabama concluded that the non vegetarians or meat eaters had better psychological health.A noted NHS cardiologist tweeted his advice and said if one wanted to avoid mental health issues like anxiety, depression and causing self -harm then eating meat was a solution.

You may have a better mental health if you are a meat eater – claims study

He also went on to add that if being vegetarian was not an option but a necessity due to religious or other sentiments then attention to mental health should be paid right from the beginning and investment in that in terms of both time and regular medical check -ups  and attention should be taken early.It must be noted that the term vegetarian is a broad term, and if you break it up it includes three parts that is total vegetarian, lacto vegetarian and lacto-ovo vegetarian.

A vegetarian diet is full of minerals, magnesium, fiber, folic acid and unsaturated  fat.  This type of diet helps protect us  from various diseases like heart diseases, helps prevent high cholesterol , high blood pressure, diabetes and , heart diseases. A non-vegetarian diet on the other hand includes meat, chicken, eggs and fish. This of food is a rich source of protein and vitamin B. This type of food is helpful in strengthening our muscles and helps them grow faster. Our body stamina and haemoglobin are also well maintained by such food.

While the debate still goes on, it would be right to say that both types of food have different benefits but with reference to mental health meat eaters stand a higher chance of being mentally healthy !

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