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Want hair like Priyanka Chopra? Then learn what Pee Cee’s secret hair mask recipe is

Even though Priyanka Chopra lives in Los Angeles, she swears by her Indian hair mask recipe to give her the glorious hair look that she sports. In a DIY beauty hack with @vogue magazine she has posted the scalp treatment (that is effective for dry scalp or dandruff ) recipe on her instagram account. She mentions that her ingredients are full fat yoghurt that helps hydrate the scalp and cool it down. She advises us to add her secret ingredient that is one tsp of honey and 1 egg to this. After the ingredients are blended in well she tells us to let it sit on the hair for 30 minutes after which it has to be rinsed off with warm water. She adds a disclaimer by mentioning that this may not have the best smell so it can be washed off a couple of times to get rid of the smell or even a mild shampoo could be used.

The egg which is used as an ingredient is loaded with proteins, biotin, folate and vitamins which are linked to healthy hair growth. A look at Priyanka’s lustrous mane would encourage even the worst critic to try out this recipe as a hair mask.

Indians are known to make very traditional and effective hair masks for dandruff and other scalp conditions.  The ingredients that go into these homemade masks use indigenous flowers and herbs . Some of the popular hair masks in India are:  Fenugreek Mask, Oatmeal mask, Hibiscus mask, Lemon mask and egg white mask.

Hair masks are very effective for nourishing and conditioning our hair as well as getting rid of dandruff, but serious underlying conditions need consultation with a doctor and skin specialist. The use of regular hair masks leaves our hair looking clean, healthy and glowing. Regular hair care is a must and a daily and good hair care regime must be followed for both men and women alike.

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