Proper guidelines for using a face mask

Many places have recommended the strict use of face masks when people step outside their homes. However, do you know which mask is best to prevent you from the infection? It is essential to understand which mask is best for health to avoid COVID-19  spread. Thus a list of guidelines has been given below that will help in choosing protection and hygiene correctly in lockdown.

Wear a mask: It is essential to wear a mask when you step outside your house to prevent infection according to the research of the world health organisation. You can easily use homemade masks to isolate yourself with proper hygiene and care.

Mask to choose: The doctors and health professionals have to use the N95 masks during their working procedure on COVID-19 patients. However, ordinary people can wear disposable and homemade masks without any problem.

Homemade mask: You can smoothly design your mask at home with a sewing machine. However, you have to use some facts to prevent infection. First, you need to wash the cloth properly with the best detergent. Secondly, you need to dry the fabric properly before making the mask. It will help in protecting a person from a massive infection with proper hygiene and care.

  • If you have a healthy immune system, then also it’s essential to wear a mask so that you could prevent yourself from a suspected person.
  • It’s essential to wear a mask while sneezing and coughing. Also, maintain a healthful lifestyle.
  • Mask will only work if you will keep yourself sanitized every time. Thus go for frequent hand wash using soap and water.
  • If you are wearing a mask, then you be careful to know how you could use it further.

These precautions are a must while wearing a face mask to prevent you from infection.

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