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Some Best Facts Regarding Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana

 Ramanand Sagar shifted from movies to television around 32 backs back. However, people generally discouraged this decision as TV wasn’t a significant medium for earning money and reputation at that time. But still, Ramanand went ahead with not much financial support, and now he has changed an entire face for Indian Television.

Some Best Facts Regarding Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana

The very first show that Ramanand created was Vikram Betaal and went ahead with Ramayana later. Till date, it has been the most iconic show known. People love his creativity and thus concluded some best facts regarding the show.

  1. With the first telecast episode of Ramayana, Doordarshan channel reported that it has made around 40 lakhs for every event.
  2. In 55 different countries, Ramayana got telecasted in various languages, and thus it earned over 650 million views.
  3. Dashratha and Kaushalya aka Bal Dhuri and Jayshree Gadkar were the real-life couples.
  4. The famous show ended up with coronation of Ram, but later there was the special telecast for Luv-Kush scenes. One man from Chennai missed and got hospitalized. Thus exclusive tape flew for him.
  5. The show got much popular that the number of episodes increased from 52 to 78.
  6. Once again when Ramayana aired, it has earned the best ratings as per Hindi GEC after 2015.
  7. The entire shoot for the show took place in more than 550 days.
  8. Before this, Sanjay Jog (who was Bharat in Ramayana) was about to play Laxman role. But for long shooting days, she denied and thus played as Bharat.
  9. Ramayana was supposed to telecast one episode with 9 lakh total budget.
  10. Arun Govil, aka Ram had to give up his smoking habit in the public places. People genuinely thought him to be God Ram.
  11. Before this, Arun Govil has portrayed the role of Laxman in Lav Kush series by V. Madhusudhan.

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