Celebrating joy and courage on the occasion of Baisakhi on the 13th of April

Baisakhi celebrated on the 13th of April is a significant day in the Sikh calendar. It marks a day of festivity, abundance and happiness. Colourful clothes, the sound of dhols and visuals of dancing men and women to the beats of the bhangra and the giddha are the sights and sounds that adorn and reverberate throughout the day.

Beneath the apparent joy and festivity associated with the harvest festival of the “Rabi” crop celebrated with great fervour in Punjab and Haryana, there is a deep historical significance. The inception of this day was laid way back in 1669 by Guru Gobind Singh the last and 10th Sikh Guru, when he formed the Khalsa Panth on this day. This day is a landmark event in the formation of Sikh brotherhood and unity. The Sikhs were named Khalsas or the pure ones. The 13th of April marks the Sikh New year.

Celebrating joy and courage on the occasion of Baisakhi on the 13th of April

There is an underlying message of courage and dignity on this day. The Sikhs remember the martyrdom and beheading of their 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur ji by the cruel Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and how Guru Gobind Singh on this day carried the legacy and mantle of his father by instilling faith and courage in the Khalsa Panth. They were given inspired to become warriors and crusaders who fought for justice and spoke up for the Hindus.

This day is also celebrated as a day of abundance since its harvest time and farmers celebrate their livelihood and express their gratitude to the Almighty. The spirit of festivity runs throughout the day, there are wrestling matches, fairs, eats and fun games to mark the occasion. Baisakhi is a unique festival interwoven into the cultural fabric and heritage of India. It is a perfect blend of joy, festivity and the spirit of valour!

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