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Amitabh Bachchan refers to his Coolie song to salute the medical fraternity battling the COVID -19 crisis !

We all know the hardships and risks that the people in the frontline services are facing to battle the Coronavirus Pandemic. The work of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff in looking after the patients is indeed exemplary.  The entire nation recently applauded their efforts on 19th March for 5 full minutes by clapping, banging vessels, ringing bells and registering their support. The Shahenshah of Bollywood has always been vocal in his support for the fight against the dreaded virus. He has been issuing public messages on TV informing and educating the public on how to prevent and fight the disease as a united nation and as united people of India.

The recent twitter post of Amitabh Bachchan on his twitter handle @SrBachchan which has 40.9 M followers shows a medical professional with a stethoscope holding the burden of the world that is depicted as a globe on his shoulders. This symbolic image makes us understand the magnitude of their efforts and what they are doing for mankind including the citizens of India.

The news that is circulating around the world and In India is of the poor conditions in which the health care professionals are working, with lack of personal protective gear, masks, and sleepless nights. Unfortunately most of the doctors and nurses have been affected and have contacted the deadly virus.

Amitabh Bachchan is a much respected Bollywood star and his messages always lend a lot of credibility to whatever he undertakes to do. His messages have a mass appeal and are bound to be noticed and paid attention to. This post of his salutes the spirit of the medical professionals and drives home  the key message of the great work and service they are doing for humanity which becomes more important considering the recent unfortunate and shocking news from Indore which has surfaced where the medical professionals were stoned, insulted, abused and even spat on.  

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