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How to cope with stress in the times of self – isolation

When all of us around the world have been urged to practise self-isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and are spending long hours at home after the initial happiness of enjoying the luxury of staying at home, getting a break from long hours at work and being with your loved ones and your pets 24×7 starts wearing off we may be faced with monotony, a routine less, uneventful life and long spells of boredom. With all these possibilities comes the growing certainty of stress.

How do you cope with stress in these trying times of a lock down, quarantine and self – isolation?

With no definitive and clear cut answers to what is going to happen next, we are all left wondering and are very concerned about the future. The worst outcome of this self-isolation could be mental depression which could harm all of us in the long run. It is time to take certain precautionary measures now which are as follows:

Social distancing can cause periods of loneliness so get on to the phone and internet and call and speak to your friends and family. Thankfully technology is there to support us in these trying times.

You can pursue a hobby and things that give you pleasure and satisfaction in your free time, for example painting, gardening, singing, dancing, sewing, stitching, trying out new dishes if you are a culinary buff among other indoor activities that you could choose to do.

Another very important thing to do is to practise some form of exercise, if you are the active gym types then you could get on to the floor exercises or take to Zumba or any other active exercise form to lose calories. The social media of full of videos form experts informing you how to make the most of your sedentary life and gym less routine so you could choose the one that suits you the best or you could shuffle between a few good ones by trying them out one after another and that could create the much needed excitement and break form monotony in your life.

Do keep in mind that whatever you choose to do should be based on what gives you mental peace and satisfaction; there are no set guidelines on who should do what, it is only you as an individual who can decide what works best for you. The only important thing that you must try very hard to not succumb to and keep at bay is stress and mental anxiety in these challenging times!

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