How Your Sleep Pattern Affects The Health Of Your Heart 

A lot has been said and discussed about how one must keep their heart healthy and avoid cardiovascular risks. We all know that consuming a healthy diet, avoiding too much fat and junk food, exercising daily, avoiding and minimising stress are factors which contribute towards keeping your heart healthy and running well, but did you know that our sleep patterns are also very vital in creating a heart healthy way of living.

A sleep pattern is made up of the duration and timing of your sleep and we as individuals have to strike a good balance between too much sleep or too little sleep, both of which can prove harmful for our hearts.

Along with maintaining a good diet and exercise pattern we must incorporate a good sleep pattern into our lifestyles as well to stay fit and healthy.

Researchers have mentioned that people who sleep for 7– 8 hours in a day, experience less stiffness in their arteries, which in turn, minimises the risk of a stroke and heart disease. Research has also revealed that regardless of age, weight, smoking and exercise people who have the common problem of not sleeping well end up having heart problems.  Another important point to be noted here is that not only sleep but good quality sleep is needed.

Sleeping too less or sleeping a lot can both interrupt biological processes like metabolism, blood pressure and so on.

It is important that individuals in all age groups should sleep well to avoid heart diseases and this risk is not limited only to the elderly. A study conducted on sleep patterns has shown that young adults who had very little sleep exhibited high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, large waist sizes and a higher body mass index amongst other medical issues.

If healthy sleep patterns are not initiated early in life they may be a cause of great concern later as they could lead to major heart problems and increase an individuals’ cardio vascular risks.


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