Using Eye Creams To Prevent Ageing 

We all try out various cosmetic products that come with a promise to prevent or arrest ageing, but how many of us really pay attention to our eyes and the skin around it? 

It is a proven fact that the skin around our eyes ages faster than the rest of our face. In light of the above fact one is left wondering if we actually need an eye cream and whether it will help in preventing the ageing process.

We must understand that the area around our eyes is very sensitive and therefore the first noticeable signs of ageing appear there. 

The cosmetic industry offers us a plethora of products that claim to work wonders for the area around our eyes.  New eye creams flood the market or the old ones are re – introduced claiming to be more effective than before. We have testimonials of various celebrities and users who vouch for their efficacy too leaving the potential user in the dilemma of making the right choice. 

So let us then understand what an eye cream is.

Given that the area around our eyes ages faster than the rest of our face and skin, a good eye cream can help by hydrating that area and providing adequate moisture to replenish the dryness which in turn help in reducing our crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes. 

A good eye cream ends up softening the area around your eyes and making it smooth. This slows down the ageing process considerably by making the skin around the eyes look better.

Regular use of the eye cream can help in reducing puffiness especially after you wake up. The good eye creams have ingredients that help reduce dark circles too, giving your eyes a clean and healthy look.

We must also understand that eye creams have to be bought and used considering your skin type. The key purpose of an effective eye cream is to reduce puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes helping you look younger with smoother and better skin.

While applying eye creams we must be very particular not to apply it very close to the eyes as they may cause allergies, inflammation and prove to be harmful.

An effective ingredient of eye creams that helps us as we age is hyaluronic acid. The acidic content helps in reducing dryness which in turn cause wrinkles and make us look aged.


The technique of applying eye creams is also important. It must be applied under our bottom lashes by taking a small pea sized amount and tapping it with our ring finer since we need to apply it gently not exerting much pressure. The motion should be from the area under the lower eyelids to the temple and it should be massaged out wards.

Apart from using good eye creams, we must lead a healthy life style, stay away from alcohol and caffeine which lead to puffy eyes.

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