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Beauty Blenders – an essential part of your vanity kit 

A beauty blender forms an important  part of your make up kit , ut have you ever thought of the multiple uses it could have for you ? Let’s list a few important ones below:

You can use a damp beauty blender as a great priming base for your make up.

While most of us prefer blending in foundation with our fingers, a beauty blender helps in giving you an air brushed perfect look with a good finish and that too without messing your hands and fingers.

Sometimes when your eyebrows end up looking too pigmented and artificial or pasted on, the use of a beauty blender can soften the look and make it appear less artificial and pasty.

A beauty blender ensures that your products last a little longer by avoiding excessive products and wastage if you use your fingers. A damp beauty blender absorbs less products and also helps in giving better coverage with the foundation since it blends in better as against to when you use your fingers to blend it in. It gives you an air brushed finish and as mentioned above, gives you a priming base.

Sometimes when you feel your make up has gone over the top (OTT) it helps in fixing it , as the dampness helps soften the look .

The beauty blender is also helpful in controlling oil as it blots away the excess shine form your face without spoiling your make up.It is also helpful in removing flaky and dry skin and gives your face an even tone.This is especially helpful on the areas of your nose and the T zone which ends up looking very shiny and oily for some of us with oily skins.For those of us with very dry and flaky skins, a beauty blender dipped in a facial oil helps give you a smooth finish.

It also gives your blush on a seamless finish when you dab it with a blender.So for those of you who do not have a beauty blender in your make up kit do think of including one right away and for those of you who have it but have not used it as yet the above are a few good reasons why you should get your hands on the beauty blender next time you do your make up!



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