10 best go to places for bringing in the New Year 2020 in style.

new year 2020
new year 2020

Every New Year comes & passes by like grains of sand passes through our hands. Every year we think of what we could have done what we shouldn’t have. Some keep regrets while others move on, thinking the New Year will have something bigger & better to offer.

Anyway, not thinking of what people generally feel or do every year, let us dive into knowing some of the amazing places to visit this year for bringing in 2020 in style & to make some more new resolutions.

For all those who want to travel this year & experience the New Year’s Eve in a different place altogether, here’s a list of 10 places you can go!

new year 2020
new year 2020
  1. Mumbai – The city is not called the ‘city of dreams’ for no reason. Mumbai is known for the best nightlife & is especially for people who are party animals. There is a wholesome list of lounges, pubs & clubs that will welcome you with open arms & if you wish to celebrate it without any drinking or dancing, then Marine Drive can give you goosebumps with its midnight fireworks.
  2. Kolkata – The city of joy fills with lights for the New Year’s Eve every year. Kolkata’s nightclubs have a different vibe altogether. Orchid garden, Shimmers, The Underground are some of the places to look out for.
  3. Bangalore – This city is known more for its IT space but what people are unaware about is the wild nightlife that this city offers. And, the lovely climate of Bangalore adds on to the vibe of the New Year. Dugout Rooftop Restaurant, F Bar & Kitchen & Sports Bar are some amazing options for celebrating the night.
  4. Manali – Spending the last night of the year in the snow-clad mountains can undoubtedly be a surreal experience. You can end the year being adventurous with paragliding, parachuting, skating & other activities. The Orchards Green, Quality Inn & Suites are some of the good places to stay at.
  5. Havelock Islands – Also known as ‘Swaraj Island’. You can opt for scuba diving & snorkelling adventures for bringing in the New Year. It is surrounded by a series of beaches & Govind beach is one of the best for adventurous activities.
  6. Udaipur – If you wish to spend the New Year in palaces & near lakes then this city is for you. Extraordinarily exotic landscapes & fireworks can just make your new year wonderful.
  7. Mcleodganj – If you are a person wishing to spend the New Year in a cosier place with some good food & good music & loves chilly mountain places, then Mcleodganj is perfect for you. You can camp at Triund or just visit the Buddhist temples for bringing in some serenity for the New Year.
  8. Kerala – For people who are not for any clubs or lounges & want to spend some quality time at the laps of nature for ending the year then Kerala never disappoints. Holiday Inn, Windsor Castle are some of the places for a grand night of a celebration.
  9. Gokarna – Gokarna is all about beaches, music & electrifying dance parties that can make yourNew Year celebrations fun-filled.
  10. Goa – This is the hottest option for ending the New Year in style. Who wouldn’t want to go to Goa for New Year’s? Beach parties, pool parties, DJ nights with some fresh hip music, good food, drinks, & a night to remember all this & more is what Goa offers.

So, let’s not get into making any new, New Year resolutions &choose to spend the New Year eve in a different city to have even more different experiences & welcome 2020 in style.

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