Ways to stay pumped up for workouts during winters.

workouts during winters.
workouts during winters.

Who likes to get up in the morning to go out for a walk or go gyming, especially during chilled winter mornings? It is such a task to come out of our comfy beds & soft bed sheets& get ready for a jog or any physical exercise.

workouts during winters.
workouts during winters.

Winters are more special for the kind of sleep that we get in our warm blankets & we tend to sleep extra hours. Also, this season makes one feel too sluggish to do any kind of physical activity, especially when it comes to doing exercises or weight lifting.

Once in a while, it is ok to sleep that extra hour & skip exercising but doing that every day for the entire season can result in excessive weight gain & fat accumulation in the body because anyway, the body doesn’t sweat much in the winters.

It is hands-down challenging to feel motivated or all pumped up in the chilly weather so let us get down to the ways through which one can feel motivated & charged for losing weight & remaining fit.

  • Add a newer exercise in the routine or change the daily routine – doing the same workout every day is nothing but boring & the body too gets used to it after a point which doesn’t give desired results. Hence a change with a newer exercise or changing the routine to activities like dance or kickboxing can motivate one to come out of bed early.
  • Choose activities for the indoors – once in a while, you can even opt for regular floor exercises or yoga & even Pilates. This will not only burn calories but also helps in toning the muscles.
  • Make new friends who can accompany you – friends who exercise together stay together. Make friends that have similar motives of exercising daily where you’ll motivate & push each other for getting better results with the workouts.
  • Note down your objectives – it is essential to write down points which you can read out daily for self-motivation. Stick it near your bed or on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror to keep reminding yourself of the goal that you want to achieve. This will motivate you further to exercise daily in winters.

And, most importantly, always remember that only you are responsible for the wellbeing of your body. So, get rid of any excuses, set that alarm, get on your shoes, wear your tracks & tee & get out of your bed to remain fit & healthy always.


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