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Avoid these habits to clear out acne from life!

Avoid these habits to clear out acne from life!

Girls out there this is especially for you’ll who always complain about breakouts. Well, who likes those little follicles or those tiny red dots on our cheekbones or anywhere on our face? Nobody for sure.

But have you guys really noticed that these tiny foes that we have on our beautiful faces are only a cause of our own daily bad karma that gives it a rise on the skin?

Avoid these habits to clear out acne from life!

Even doctors & dermatologists think that most of the patients that come to them are with acne & breakout problems which also make their skin more dry & rough.

So, let us get into knowing what all things that we do knowingly or unknowingly that can cause acne.

Smoking – Smoking damages the elastin & collagen in our skin which first makes the skin looks older than your actual age & most importantly produces so much heat in the body that it causes acne & scars as well.

Not removing makeup – This is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin when you are prone to acne. Makeup clogs your pores & accumulates all the dirt & sweat on your face, which gives rise to acne & bacteria formulation in the skin.

Usage of soap for face – Soaps have high pH levels ranging from 9 to 11 generally & our facial skin doesn’t need anything with such high pH levels. Also, soaps have harsh chemicals that make the skin rougher & add to causing acne quickly.

Stress – Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes inflammation & increases the production of oil, which clogs pores & stores dirt & bacteria in the skin. Stay away from stress.

Keeping the skin over-cleansed – Usage of scrubs & cleansers more than twice a day is not the right way of removing acne; in fact, it adds up to it. Too much of scrubbing & cleaning can also flush out the good oils present in the skin which can make the skin dryer & more prone to acne.

There are many other factors as well that adds up to acne like overconsumption of alcohol, keeping hands dirty, being unhygienic, consumption of certain prescribed strong medicines, eating a high-glycemic diet, etc.

Well, even if you can start by avoiding one of the many causes mentioned above, you will see a considerable positive change on your skin. Try it out!

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