3 kinds of Toxic Co-Workers and how to deal with them efficiently

Working in an office is considered as a wonderful path towards a successful career. However, there can be some times when our colleagues can be hostile, unprofessional and unhappy.

So, in this blog, we would be covering the 3 kinds of Toxic Co-Workers and how to deal with them in an efficient way.

The Politician

You will always find co-workers who are obsessed with inter-office politics. They are more into getting the next high profile project rather than actually performing their work.

They spend most of the time bitching about other employees and telling the boss how good they are.

So, it is recommended that you don’t get drawn into their plots of scheme of things. Also, make sure that you don’t give them any kind of information that you might be having.

The Rumor monger

This person is considered as the nexus for the rumor that is spread in the office. They in general spend most of their time chatting with the co-workers to take out personal information about them.

In addition, they get great pleasure with regards to talking about other people around them. The best thing that you can do is not to get engaged with them. They would take out personal information from you and then spread it around the office.

So, if you don’t want the information to be spread across in your office, it is highly recommended that you don’t talk to such kind of person.

The social butterfly

This is a kind of person who is only interested in chatting around the co-workers. They find work as an ultimate chance to hangout and to socialize.

They are quite distracting and loud and at the same time quite funny andcharismatic.In addition, they are more or less very unprofessional and immature and they waste their productive time with non-work related conversations.

These kind of people has a very good interpersonal skills as well as energy. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to use the positive traits in the work related areas such that they over a period of time can become an asset.

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