Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down

Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down? Here’s All You Need to Know

#RIPCartoonNetwork has been trending on X (formerly known as Twitter) amid reports that the beloved channel is shutting down. This trend started when the X account “Animation Workers Ignited” shared a post claiming that “Cartoon Network is essentially dead.” The post also suggested that other animation studios are facing similar challenges, particularly due to layoffs in the industry.

Origins of the #RIPCartoonNetwork Trend

The animation shared by “Animation Workers Ignited” stated, “Cartoon Network is essentially dead and other big animation studios are not far behind. What happened to all the animation workers? Many are unemployed in record numbers, with some jobless for over a year, despite carrying the industry during the pandemic.” The post highlighted that when Covid-19 first hit, animation was able to operate completely remotely, making it one of the only forms of entertainment that could continue production uninterrupted. However, studios repaid these workers by cancelling projects, outsourcing jobs, and laying off artists en masse.

Industry Issues

The video attributed these issues to greed, claiming that big studios improved their financials by reducing spending and cutting staff, allowing CEOs and executives to reap the benefits. It urged viewers to spread the word by posting about their favourite Cartoon Network shows with the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork. One user commented, “Courage The Cowardly Dog will always be a favourite! It’s very sad to hear that the animators were treated so poorly, and hopefully, they can find work soon!”

Clarifying the Rumors

As the hashtag gained traction, rumours began to circulate that Cartoon Network was shutting down permanently. However, these claims are false. The account “Animation Workers Ignited,” associated with the animators’ union, is using the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork to highlight the challenges faced by industry workers. The channel itself is not shutting down.


The #RIPCartoonNetwork trend has brought attention to significant issues within the animation industry, including layoffs and the mistreatment of workers. While Cartoon Network is not shutting down, the plight of animation workers remains a serious concern. Fans are encouraged to support these workers and spread awareness by sharing their favourite Cartoon Network shows and using the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork.


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