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Here are some of the best ways to Relieve stress : 5 best relaxation technique

When you feel stressed, then there can be a number of physiological changes that can take place such as fatigue, headaches, pains, insomnia, digestion problems.


Besides this, mental and emotional symptoms can also occur such as low energy, anxiety and depression etc.

So, here are the 5 best relaxation technique that you can add to your life to get rid of stress.


Many people have the misconception that exercise takes a lot of time but the fact is that you can still take out some time from your hectic schedule and in the process stay fit. For instance, you can take a walk during your tea or lunch break. Moreover, you can set up alarms in your phone just to keep everything accountable. Thus, exercise is one of the best ways that can help you to overcome stress.

Stay hydrated

It is recommended that you stay hydrated with the help of healthy fluids such as herbal tea, water, juices or sugar-free smoothies. In this way you can feel more energetic and stress free.

Take out some time for fun

It is often seen that people avoid taking out time for fun. The fact is that you can should hang out with your friends for movies or for concert.


Meditation is indeed one of the fastest-growing practice and there are numerous reasons associated with it. It helps to lower down the cortisol levels which is one of the reasons for stress. Besides this, it also helps in promoting deep rest and relaxation. You can try out meditation in the morning before beginning your day. This will eventually help you to relax and you would be able to approach your day in a much better way.

In addition, you can also meditate at night before you go to sleep such that you get a restful sleep.

Leave all your work at work

It is often seen that people take their office work to their home. This eventually leads to a lot of problems as your social life with your friends and family gets affected. So, it is recommended that you leave all your work at your office if you wish to enjoy your rest of your day.

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