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Amitabh Bachchan tweets about how Coronavirus is chasing him and had entered his room in “Jalsa. ’’

Senior Bachchan – Big B, who is a  regular on social media and keeps us updated about the happenings all around including the occurrences in his  life , turned reporter with “ Breaking News “ to report a shocking incident to his 41.5 M followers.

 He reported that a bat had entered his room on the 3rd floor in his “den “in his home Jalsa. The way he worded his twitter and instagram messages expressed his shock that was palpalable, He ended his tweet with “badi mushkil se use bahar nikala…. and went on to add apparently in a lighter vein but with very pertinent important implications for all of us in these trying pandemic times – “corona peecha chodh hi nahin raha.” He received a flurry of reactions from his followers and divided opinions. While some criticised him for targeting bats as the spreader of this virus in the absence of any proven facts, and called his tweet in very bad taste not befitting a person of his stature some went ahead to tell him to take care of himself, while some said even a bat would not be able to hurt the “Shahenshah.”

Amitabh Bachchan tweets about how Coronavirus is chasing him and had entered his room in “Jalsa. ’’

The same post on his instagram with 15.7 M followers evoked mixed reactions. Critic, columnist and Author – public figure Bhawana Somaaya just responded with a “What?????? Actor Bhumi Pednekar wrote Omg!!!!

Since an Instagram post allows more words than twitter , Amitabh Bachchan has gone ahead to elaborate this incident by saying that this happened on the 3rd floor of his house where they sit and chill together as a family and he had never before seen this happen neither in his house, nor in that area, nor his room. Then he went on to ask if theirs was the only house the bat could find “Aur hamara hi ghar mila usse? ’’

Amitabh Bachchan with this tweet and post of his has surely given the social media world a reason to debate and react !

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