A Virtual reality when a virtual date with Arjun Kapoor generates real funds for daily wage earners !

The 11th Of April will prove to be a boon for the migrant community of daily wage workers whose livelihood has been suddenly snatched from them. The 21 day lockdown announced by the PM, has left the daily wage earners shocked and deprived of any source of income and unable to support themselves and their families. Bollywood has always risen to crisis situations in India and our stars have been doing their bit by contributing to the COVID -19 National calamity as well. 

Actor Arjun Kapoor has teamed up with Fankind which is his sister Anshula’s online fundraising platform and an NGO -Give India for a novel fund raising initiative. In his instagram post Arjun Kapoor mentions that he will go on a virtual dinner date with 5 lucky winners to raise funds for this section of society whom he says comprises the” dhobi, the chaat wale bhaiya, coolies, construction workers, rickshaw wallas” etc. He has urged people to donate via a link which is also mentioned in his instagram bio, fankind.org/arjun. People have to log in and donate and he mentions that 100 % of these donations will go as cash in hand for these workers who will need it to pay their rent, feed their families and so on.


This donation does not need any leg work or any elaborate paper work it can be done safely from the comfort of an individual’s home. Arjun explains this initiative in a video post on his instagram account which has 11.5 Million followers. He also mentions that the NGO, Give India has identified 60,000 such families all across India who will benefit from this fund raiser.

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