Popular Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for COVID – 19 for the 4th time!

When the “Chittiyan Kalayian “singer Kanika Kapoor recently announced to her 3.5 million fans on Instagram that she has tested positive for COVID-19 a lot of people went into a tizzy. These included all those in London, Mumbai and Lucknow with who she had been in contact during and after her return from London.

Kanika was trolled on social media and criticized mercilessly by people for being careless and not abiding by the procedure and directives of self – isolation and quarantine.  There were a few Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor who mentioned that it was not fair to troll Kanika.

It was said that she attended parties in Lucknow and was in close contact with high profile people including politicians. Those who learned about his immediately took the precaution of self-isolation. 

Kanika on the other hand denied any carelessness on her part saying she was perfectly okay after coming back from London and went through the proper formalities of screening at both the airports of Mumbai and Lucknow and  was never advised any self -quarantine. If she had she would have definitely abided by it considering that she is an educated person and would not knowingly risk the health and life of her contacts, friends, children other family members.

Contradicting reports that were surfacing and also the statement of her father which said that she had attended 3 parties after her return to Lucknow she said she had attended only a small family gathering for some time.  She was a single mother who had gone to visit her 3 children who studied in London and had returned home to be with her parents. She belonged to Lucknow and had returned there so she wondered what was irresponsible about returning to your own home.

However to add to the bad news for the singer she has tested positive for COVID-19 for the 4th time in a row.  In her latest Instagram post Kanika mentioned that she was not in ICU and was hoping that her next test would be negative as she was longing to go to her children and family.

Bollywood so far has not reported any other COVID-19 case and hers seems to be the only isolated one at the moment.

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