Singer Kanika Kapoor out of tune with the Coronavirus self-isolation and preventive orders – F.I.R registered 

The cup of woes for popular singer Kanika Kapoor who on her return from London has tested positive for the dreaded Coronavirus is brimming and spilling over with reprimands and criticism from people who have called her actions irresponsible, paying scant heed to the orders by a public servant at the airport to self-quarantine which has  now resulted in an F.I.R being lodged against her.

News of her testing positive for the highly infectious Coronavirus was made public by her on social media and it immediately created a huge furore amongst the political circle and guests who had attended a recent party with her in Lucknow.

Based on a complaint filed by the Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow, The U.P Police have filed an FIR – under Sections 188, 269, and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) .  A number of people had interacted with her including Vasundhara Raje the former Rajasthan chief minister and her son Dushyant Singh, who upon information of this news immediately went into self-isolation as informed by Vasundhara Raje in her tweet. President Ram Nath Kovind who had met Dushyant Singh in a meeting went on to cancel all his other appointments as a responsible measure to avoid the possibility of any infection resulting from his meeting with Dushyant Singh.

Kanika on the other hand has refuted any home quarantine orders being issued to her and said she had experienced flu like symptoms 4 days after her return from U.K which prompted her to see a doctor which led to the shocking discovery of her being COVID – 19 positive. She claimed to have undergone the proper screening procedure at the airport and said she was unaware of carrying the Coronavirus since nothing was detected in her scan.

Jai Pratap Singh the UP health minister in a recent interview to NDTV has mentioned that they would examine and rectify any loopholes related to safety and security at the airport in Lucknow.

After churning out melodious and popular hit numbers earlier, Kanika this time has definitely struck the wrong chord creating a massive discord in her life currently !


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