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Farhan Akhtar hits out at a twitter user for asking him to ‘reach out to his qaum’ in the CAB protests.

Farhan Akhtar hits out at a twitter user for asking him to 'reach out to his qaum' in the CAB protests.

We have seen many celebs hitting out at twitter users for making unreasonable comments on them or for calling out their names in unnecessary situations just to belittle them & asking their opinions that otherwise, the celebs would like to keep a mum on.

A very similar incident took place on Twitter yesterday when a twitter user named Gitika called out Farhan Akhtar, his dad Javed Akhtar & stepmom Shabana Azmi for reaching out to ‘their qaum’ & to ask them not to destroy the country’s property. And, also advised them not to cry for these protestors when they get arrested or beaten.

The above was a reaction of the twitter user on the recent Murshidabad case where several trains from the Krishnapur railway station near Lalgola were set on fire by the CAB protestors.

The actual tweet read, “Hi @FarOutAkhtar @Javedakhtarjadu @azmishabana, reach out to your qaum & tell them not to destroy my country’s property. Don’t cry when these rioters get arrested & beaten black & blue.”

The above obviously did not go down well with the actor who then retorted & lashed out at the twitter user by taunting her to be cast as “Bigot No.1” requesting director David Dhawan to take her for the role, considering her perfect for the part.

He hit out at the twitter user saying, “Going to request David Dhawan to cast you in ‘Bigot no 1.’ .. you are perfect for the part.”

And to add to the fuel, the above tweet made by Akhtar did not go down well with Twitter users around the country who lashed back at him.

One twitter user said, “Hey Geetika…No point telling this to a person who appealed to the people of Bhopal not to vote for BJP one week after elections were already over. His father recommends Dr Ortho to others but forgot to recommend Almonds to him for good memory.”

Other user added, “It is brilliant how you have remained mute to all the destruction, violence by a certain “peaceful” community hurting the country and its resources but the minute it has been pointed out you are butthurt and call those affected bigot.”

Another twitter user condemned Farhan by posting one of his old statements where the actor condemned attacking a school bus & called it terrorism. He asked why he would not condemn the current situation?

All these tweets & many others went against Akhtar for calling out the twitter user Bigot No. 1 & not expressing any condemn for the riots.

For the uninitiated, the above happened because of riots happening against the CAB act.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is an act that grants citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, and Sikhs& Christians from 3 countries namely Pakistan, Afghanistan& Bangladesh who arrived in India before December 31, 2014. So, all the people belonging to these religions can become citizens of India even if they do not have the required documents, in a way marginalizing the minorities.

And, the North East are protesting against the bill because they feel it will attract a rush of immigrants that might hamper their linguistic & demographic uniqueness.

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