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Karan Shastri – A renowned TV actor has been accused of domestic violence

Karan Shastri who is a renowned TV actor has landed himself in a lot of trouble after his wife accused him for domestic violence.

As per the recent reports, Karan shastri who originally hails from Madhya Pradesh has been accused for domestic violence by her wife Swati Mehra whois a model by profession.

She stated in the report that Karan tortured him for dowry. In addition, she also reported that they got engaged in a verbal spat in which Karan attacked her and even ruptured her ear.

Meanwhile, there has also been news spreading that Karan has left her because of dowry.

Swati has recently filed a complaint against him in the Goregaon police station of Mumbai and the investigation is still under the process.

In the meanwhile, Karan has claimed that Swati is trying to destroy his career by defaming him.

In addition, he also stated that he never raised his hands on Swati but they have got separated. Lastly, he claims that the only motive that she has now is to ruin his career and image.

The couple came in touch with each other on a TV set where Karan was playing the lead role and then slowly they fall in love with each other.

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