Bharti Airtel Denies Data Breach

Bharti Airtel Denies Data Breach Amid Reports of 375 Million Users’ Details Up for Sale

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel has firmly denied any breach of its security systems, following reports suggesting that personal details of 375 million Airtel customers were allegedly up for sale on the dark web. The company has dismissed these allegations, labeling them as attempts to tarnish its reputation.

An Airtel spokesperson addressed the issue with Moneycontrol, stating, “There has been a report alleging that Airtel customer data has been compromised. This is nothing short of a desperate attempt to tarnish Airtel’s reputation by vested interests. We have done a thorough investigation and can confirm that there has been no breach whatsoever from Airtel systems.” This statement came in response to unverified reports that have been circulating since yesterday, suggesting a major data leak.

The reports had claimed that details including phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, and Aadhaar numbers of 375 million Airtel customers were allegedly available for sale on the dark web. A threat actor identified as ‘xenZen’ had reportedly listed a database for sale on a dark web forum, demanding $50,000 for the information. However, Moneycontrol has not been able to verify the authenticity of these claims.

Airtel’s categorical denial of any security breach aims to reassure its vast customer base amidst growing concerns about data privacy and security. The company’s thorough investigation and subsequent statement underline its commitment to protecting customer data and maintaining its integrity in the face of such allegations.


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